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How we intend to accomplish our mission

Our mission is to provide the best protection and service possible to our community. We provide a wide variety of services far beyond simply putting out fires to our citizens and are we here for one reason – to help you.

Our firefighters are some of the best in the country and are extremely proud of their Fire District. With their pride, comes ownership. An ownership that has been forged by a belief in core values such as pride, tradition, honor, and integrity.

We consider your family our family, and our firehouses are your firehouses. Whether you are a resident, business owner, or a visitor, our goal is to take care of you as if you were a member of our family, because you are!

I would like to offer an invitation for you to visit either of our firehouses and meet some of the best firefighters in the nation.

If I can be of any additional service to you, on behalf of the Raytown Fire Protection District, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Matt Mace, Fire Chief

Contact: (816) 737-6034, (816) 737-6049 fax
Office Hours Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM
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Twitter: follow@RaytownFireDist


safety4The Raytown Fire Protection District is an independent taxing entity from the City of Raytown. We are authorized to operate under the State of Missouri Statue Chapter 321 & have since 1947.  The District is governed by a three-member board of directors. Each serving a six-year term, The district employs 33 full time personnel under the supervision of an appointed Fire Chief. Each shift has 10 personnel, with one additional Chief Officer assigned as the shift commander. The full time staff works within 3 battalions. Raytown Firefighters work 48 hours on duty with 96 hours off. Facilities, Equipment & Apparatus Maintenance division is responsible for 2 stations, 3 pumpers, one aerial truck & assorted support vehicles.

The district has signed mutual aid agreements with all jurisdictions in the Missouri side of the metro area, to send & receive apparatus & manpower should the need arise. In 2009, the District entered into an agreement with the Kansas City Fire Department for “automatic aid”. This is an upgrade to other mutual aid agreements. The district agrees to respond to calls for service within a geographical boundary for fire & EMS services. This is based on the closest available unit rather than city limits or jurisdictional boundaries. In return, KCFD responds to any request we may have for assistance. This includes structural fires, hazardous materials spills & leaks, building collapse rescue & high rise fires. Instead of just having up to 11 Raytown Firefighters, there could be as many as 43 firefighters on the scene on the first 12 minutes of a residential fire with automatic aid. This is safer for our firefighters, more efficient delivery for as many tasks needing to be performed & potentially reduces the overall loss of a fire by getting the job done quicker with more manpower.  The significance of this response is compounded when you factor in the use of lightweight construction materials in modern construction.  A structure built in the 1980’s can be exposed to fire for 18-24 minutes before collapse where as a lightweight structure may fail in as little as 7 minutes.

raytown-fire-deptThe District adopted the 2012 edition of the International Fire Code. Our personnel inspect businesses, churches & educational facilities. Inspections are performed on a rotation of annual, semi-annual or bi-annual inspections depending on hazardous processes or occupancy types. The District also has a smoke detector program that provides smoke detectors to those that own their own single family property within the City of Raytown. We also will install these or replace the battery in an existing smoke detector if the owner is unable to do so themselves. This service is offered free of charge.

Emergency Medical Services are delivered at the advanced life support level by the District.  We support the City of Raytown Ambulance Services with a tandem response to life threatening emergencies. Each of our apparatus are equipped with the latest in emergency medical equipment, including cardiac monitor/defibrillators, advanced airway equipment and emergency medications. 14 of our 33 full time personnel are Missouri licensed Paramedics & 18 more are Missouri licensed EMTs. It is the District’s intent to have at least one paramedic staffing each fire truck at all times.  This ensures that Advance Life Support (ALS) can begin as soon as we arrive & or Raytown EMS is unavailable

The District operates off of $3.1 million dollar operations budget (Budget Year 2016), the major portion of our tax support comes from personal & real property taxes. A $0.77 mil levy is set for general operations. Firefighter’s pensions are supported by a $0.04 mil levy. Debt Service is set at $0.18 mil for the bond retirement. Our total levy is $0.97 mil. The district also receives revenue from sales tax, which is collected as one fourth of one percent on all sales, with the exception of domestic utilities use.

Alarm ratio between fire related & emergency medical have remained constant; 75% are medical & 25% are fire related. The response times have been monitored for the last ten years. They remain nearly constant at 4 minutes 21 seconds average.

Insurance Services Office (ISO) assigned Raytown a class 4 rating in 2012. This rating is made to set the insurance rates for commercial properties. Most insurance underwriters use this classification to set the insurance rate for residential rates as well. The lower the classification number, the better the fire delivery & the possibility of lower insurance premiums.

In 2006 voters approved the issuance of 7.4 million dollars of capital improvement bonds by the Fire District by a four to one margin. Both fire stations were upgraded, remodeled.  The project was finished ahead of schedule and under budget.  In 2016 the District refinanced these bonds returning $1,000,000 to the taxpayers of Raytown.