Trees for Raytown

“Trees for Raytown” is a program developed in 1987 by the Raytown Parks & Recreation Department to help reforest and beautify the Raytown Community. The trees will be of good quality and offered at a competitive price. In an effort to keep the cost of this program low, no survival guarantee is available. However, with proper care and maintenance these trees should transplant and grow easily for you.

Spring orders will be taken from March 15 through April 15 and Fall orders will be taken from August 15 through September 15. Delivery and/or planting will be within 2-3 weeks after closing date. Please call the Parks office for current pricing, we also will plant the tree for $25 and you must live within the Raytown city limits. Planting services are available to individual residences not homeowner associations or commercial property.

Ornamental Trees – Flowering Crabapple, Fruitless Crabapple, Flowering Dogwood (spring only), & Red Bud.
Shade Trees – Bald Cypress, Red Maple, Pin Oak & Red Oak.