Raytown Chamber

What is a chamber of commerce?

chamber of commerce is an organization of businesses seeking to further their collective interests, while advancing their community, region, state or nation. Business owners in towns, cities and other territories voluntarily form these local societies/networks to advocate on behalf of the community at large, economic prosperity and business interests. Businesses and other employers pay dues to belong and expect to receive the benefits of membership as long as they continue to invest in the organization.

It is important to note that in most cases it is the company that is the member, not an individual. A member company is then encouraged to involve numerous senior level employees in the work of the chamber. While five, ten or more individuals from a given company will identify themselves as “members” of the chamber, only the organization they work for is counted when a chamber states its size. A company is free to join (pay dues to) multiple chambers and many mid-size to large firms do so (especially neighbors), in order to further advance their companies’ market or policy interests.

Dues amounts are typically determined by the size of the member company (employee count), rather than by the number of people engaged in the chamber from that company.

The Raytown Chamber has always been and currently remains an advocate of the businesses in the community and our focus is on a successful business future.

If you are interested in more information about the Raytown Chamber and becoming more involved, contact the Vicki Turnbow, PResident today at 816-353-8500 or email her at president@raytownchamber.com