Raytown Quality Schools

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Eight independent elementary schools consolidated in order to provide the best education for their community in 1903, and more than one hundred fifteen years later,

Eight independent elementary schools      consolidated in order to provide the best education for their community in 1903, and more than one hundred sixteen years later, Raytown Quality Schools continuously renews its vision for quality education during an ever exciting time of growth and change. Staff and parents challenge students to strive to reach their academic and social potential, and the District helps provide the programs they need to succeed. Raytown is a fully accredited    district by both state and national standards.

Throughout the Raytown community, residents have come to “Expect the Exceptional” in both student and staff  performance, and they continue a strong   tradition of community support.

Raytown Quality Schools has programs that reflect the community’s commitment to    education at any age.  From early childhood to adult education, nearly everyone can find a quality program of interest and value.

In April 2019, voters approved the Strong Bonds, Bright Futures no tax increase bond issue. Strong Bonds, Bright Futures projects are based in safety and security, enhanced learning environments, and upgrades and   repairs. Strong Bonds, Bright Futures projects began in the summer of 2019.

Our students are driven, high-achieving and keep the quest for excellence alive and well in Raytown. The District is also home to the 2018 National ProStart Culinary Arts    Champions and the 2019 National ProStart Culinary Arts second place team. Culinary students will train in the state-of-the-art Herndon Career Center Culinary Institute. The institute is home to the student-run   restaurant, Cinder. The ribbon cutting for the institute took place in the spring of 2021. The Herndon Career Center Culinary Institute and Cinder are Strong Bonds, Bright Futures projects.

Several prestigious local, state, and national designations have been awarded to the District for wellness including the Healthiest Employer in Kansas City award, the Edington CBIZ Next Practice Award for Workplace Wellbeing, and 100 Healthiest Employers to name a few.

The Quality Care Clinic and Raytown Schools Wellness Center opened during the 2015-2016 school year. District employees use the Clinic and Wellness Center free of charge. Since the opening of the Raytown Schools Quality Care Clinic, the District has experienced a return on investment of over $2.6 million, which equates to $1.60 avoided for every $1 spent. Employees have saved an estimated $543,000 in out-of-pocket expenses by utilizing the Clinic.

The District’s commitment to keeping     students and staff safe can be witnessed through the construction of guided entries in buildings, installation of the Barracuda I Intruder Defense system and the use of   Raptor, a visitor monitoring system, which checks in visitors to the school by scanning a valid state ID and obtaining a background check almost immediately.

The District boasts a robust 1 to 1 device program with support for students of all ages. Thanks to a unique partnership with the    Raytown Educational Foundation, the class of 2019 was the first graduating class to take their devices with them after graduation. The District is also recipient of the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) Trusted Learning Environment Seal, recognizing the District’s commitment to ensuring the privacy and security of student data, and Common Sense Media certification for taking a whole-community approach to preparing its students to use the digital media to explore, create, connect, and learn.

One of the hallmarks of the District’s quality is its ability to offer specialized programs  designed to meet a variety of student needs.  Advanced programs offered by the District gives students the opportunity to earn college credits and spend less time and money in college. Herndon Career Center prepares students for immediate employment after graduation or a head start on college hours. The Southland Center of Advanced Professional Studies (Southland CAPS)     program offers five different strands of    learning opportunities for students, Animal Health Sciences (taught at the Kansas City Zoo), Business Innovation and Creation,  Education Exploration, Technology Solutions, and Turf Management and Horticulture.   Students work with industry partners learning more about problem-solving and meeting deadlines.

Raytown Success Academy ensures that   students struggling in conventional classroom situations receive other opportunities for success.  Complete special education services are available to students requiring these   programs, with many spending time in the regular education classroom setting.        Additionally, Northwood School serves    students with severe disabilities who live  within the District’s attendance boundaries.

In an effort to continue to offer quality     educational programming for students at all levels. The District has embarked on several program additions and revisions to better serve the youngest learners in Raytown. New Trails Early Learning Center and Three Trails Preschool house a free half-day preschool program open to all 4 year-olds in Raytown.

The District is also known for its quality  support systems for teachers both new to the profession and experienced. Extensive staff development with a research base is prevalent throughout all academic areas. Collaboration among educators, parents, and others who live and work in the District boundaries, has created a sense of  community, with the common goal being student success.

Raytown has a small town feel with its welcoming and safe environment. Those who have attended Raytown Quality Schools or sent their children to the schools remain its best supporters.

DISTRICT AT-A-GLANCE, 2021-2022 as of September 2021

PK-12- Enrollment……. approximately 8,782

Full-time and part-time employees….…. approximately 1,429


Ten elementary schools, three   middle schools, two high schools, one alternative school, early childhood    services, a school for students with severe disabilities, and a vocational school serving six districts.

Private Schools

In addition to the Raytown Quality School District, several private and parochial schools serve the community. Students from Raytown and the surrounding areas benefit from the high quality of education these schools provide.

Heart of America Christian Academy
(816) 356-6380
7600 Blue Ridge Blvd  KCMO 64138

Islamic School of Greater Kansas City
(816) 763-0322
8505 E. 99th Street KCMO 64134

St. Regis Academy

(816) 763-5837

8941 James A. Reed Rd  KCMO 64138

Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic High School

(816) 763-4800

2901 NW Lee’s Summit Rd. LSMO 64064

Colleges & Universities

Located in the southern metropolitan area, Metropolitan Community College-Longview is a 15-minute drive for students from the area. Boasting more than 4,100 students, Longview has built a tradition of excellence that includes exceptional transfer programs in the arts, business, science and engineering and an  accredited automotive technology program for those seeking hands on job skills. It is also the first community college ever selected as a TIME/The Princeton Review College of the Year.   Only the best colleges and universities in the nation receive this honor.

University of Missouri, University of Central Missouri, Avila University, Rockhurst College, Columbia College, DeVry Institute of Technology, Aviation Institute of Maintenance all have campuses within driving distance of Raytown.